Overseen by Phil Pilibosian, USCA Asset Management (USCAAM) is responsible for structuring and managing all of USCA’s proprietary products, including both registered and non-registered investment funds.  Additionally, the USCAAM team sources and researches traditional and alternative investment opportunities for suitable investors for USCAAM’s related advisor, U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors.  Whether it be a targeted, single investment, a portfolio of investments, or a well-diversified multi-manager fund, USCAAM endeavors to identify a broad set of investment solutions to suitable investors that understand the considerable resources required to do so.  The investment and due diligence team has over a decade of experience in sourcing and vetting these investments, as well as structuring and managing investment products through which to deliver investment solutions.

Included within the USCAAM stable of funds is a private fund of hedge funds which was acquired by USCA in 2013 through its acquisition of Condera Advisors, an alternative investments advisory boutique.  This funds of funds invests its assets with a group of managers pursuing one or more alternative investment strategies, including long/short equity, long/short credit, relative value, managed futures, global macro and event driven investment strategies.  Additionally, the firm manages a closed-end, non-diversified management company that allocates capital to managers employing these same alternative investment strategies, as well as traditional equity and fixed income investment strategies.

Finally, USCAAM serves as a sub-advisor to the Ziegler FAMCO Hedged Equity Fund, an open-end mutual fund for which investors can learn more about here.